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U.S. News' article points to teacher shortage in rural areas

Donna Bryson, a contributor to U.S. News & World Report's online news service, writes how rural communities in Colorado are experiencing difficulty attracting and retaining staff. She cites two main reasons: More affluent districts offer teachers higher salaries than districts in rural communities can afford to pay, and fewer young people are choosing education as their profession for a variety of reasons.
"In 2011, 3,274 students started teacher preparation programs in Colorado. In 2016 that dropped nearly 25 percent to 2,472, according to figures from the state higher education department. That has left rural and urban schools competing over a shrinking talent pool. Their profession's appeal has been battered by controversies over testing and by the growing responsibility placed on teachers, who are called to do more, whether it's fighting racism or protecting students during school shootings," Bryson writes.
Her article goes on to show how districts in rural communities are teaming up to come up with creative solutions. Read her full article to find out what communities like Pagosa Springs are doing to address this troubling trend.