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Discovery Education Techbook

Communicating the movement towards digital integration in the classroom with the Science Techbook is critical for success. For teachers, we send out a monthly newsletter that offers tips and tricks with the Techbook and information on upcoming events in the area. We also host LIVE webinars weekly on our website and offer live streams of lesson plans implemented in a classroom. These webinars are also archived on our Youtube page. The Techbook Instructional Support Resource document will provide all of the additional resources our team provides.

We also have a wiki set up at with other resources teachers can access for model lessons, best practice documents, and general information. If teachers are interested in networking with other educators using the Techbook they can follow us onFacebook, Pinterest, and Twitter at DiscoveryEd.

Other attachments include:

Navigating the Techbook as a Teacher – quick, easy tips on teacher navigation.

Navigating the Techbook as a Student - quick, easy tips on student navigation for students, parents, and teachers.

Techbook Resource Descriptions – descriptions of each resource, what grade levels they are catered for, and how they were designed to be used. For parents and teachers.

8 Great Tips/Parent Homework Help - strategies and suggestions for parents on how to help their students study or complete an assignment/assessment.

Homework Protocol – strategies for teachers to provide homework to students with no Internet access at home.

Science Techbook Parent Letter (also in Spanish) – can be editable, designed to inform parents of the administration’s decision to use the Techbook and what changes might be implemented in the classroom.

Lastly, these four videos will provide a great visual for teachers and parents who are unfamiliar with using Technology in the classroom. Feel free to put them on the district website.
A 1:1 Setting in the Classroom

Small Group Classroom Setting

Large Group Classroom Setting

Model Lesson for Teachers