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National School Lunch Program

What are free and reduced-price school meals?

Through the federal National School Lunch Program all students are receiving no cost meals, both breakfast and lunch, through the end of the school year.  This is a direct result of COVID related funding and will be available as long as school is in session.  If at anytime the district needs to move to remote learning, the program will be evaluated. 

Why should I apply for free or reduced-price school meals?

Applying for school meals helps families and schools. Families can receive no or low-cost meals and discounted school fees, bus passes, utilities, etc. By applying for school meals, families are also helping their school and district receive additional school funding, qualify for grants and additional nutrition programs.

Is information provided in the application secure and confidential?

Yes, information provided during the application process is confidential and protected. All sponsors collecting and processing meal applications must follow strict guidelines for the release of student or meal eligibility information (including private student information and/or eligibility status).