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Superintendent's Message

Linda Reed - Superintendent
Linda Reed
Welcome to Archuleta School District, 50 Jt. where every student is special and valued.  We believe every student can learn at high levels, should love learning and it is our responsibility to ensure they have the tools they need to navigate in the 21st Century. 
In ASD we educate the Whole Student.  That means we help each student develop competencies in academics AND the following areas: professional, entrepreneurial, civic and personal.  Beginning at the elementary level and every year thereafter, students identify those goals and attributes they want to achieve in these areas and build upon prior year's learning goals.  At the elementary school, this is accomplished through Leadership Notebooks. At the middle school, students develop Digital Resumes that are incorporated into each students Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP) at the High School. 
Because we believe in educating the Whole Student, in addition to our strong academic program, our students can participate in a wide variety of electives and after school programs which include things like mountain biking, wilderness survival and music. We also offer music, art and, at the elementary and middle school, DAILY physical education for every student.  Our middle and high schools offer a wide variety of competitive sports programs and our student athletes excel on and off the playing fields.
We partner with our private and home school communities and offer Spanish, art and choir to private, home and public school students through Pagosa Family School. Classes meet during the school day for home and private school students and after school for public, private and home school students.  Classes meet at the elementary and middle schools.
We also believe in partnering with our community.  Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, we have established the Proud Partners Program, led by board member Brooks Lindner and facilitated by teacher and liaison, Doug Hershey. One of our goals is to ensure every high school student has real world experiences, tied to their ICAP.  We welcome volunteers, business partnerships as well as an opportunity to showcase our students' talents and skills.