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Superintendent's Message


From the Office of the Superintendent


Dear Families and Community of the Archuleta School District, I am thrilled for the opportunity to welcome you to the 2022-23 school year! I am also incredibly grateful for the support that our community and staff have already extended to my wife and I as we have been transitioning to our life in Pagosa Springs.  I look forward to meeting many more of you.  Please do not hesitate to stop me on the street, in the hall, or reach out via email if you have questions, concerns, or just want to get to know each other a little better.  The work of schools and communities supporting our students thrives on relationships and I am excited to get started.


I am thankful for the opportunity to join the Archuleta School District as superintendent and look forward to spending my first year listening and working alongside staff and the community to ensure that we are able to execute on our commitment to our strategic priorities.  As we move forward into the new year I am increasingly hopeful that we will be able to leave behind the challenges of navigating the pandemic and shift our focus to supporting the academic and social emotional needs of our students.  These have been a couple of tough years for all of us, staff and community included, but our students have faced the greatest challenges and they will need our collective commitment to support their growth and development. 


We will continue our focus on the feedback received previously from students, staff and community members. The input received helped craft five district priorities that will be the backbone of our strategic plan. The priorities that will guide our district work include:


  • Provide a high-quality, well-rounded, safe and healthy educational experience to all students that is engaging, rigorous and real-world relevant.


  • Build strong, healthy relationships with families and the community in order to build collective responsibility for the success of all students.


  • Ensure that every classroom has a highly effective educator, supported by strong leadership and staff.


  • Align resources to support our priorities and be fiscally responsible to ensure community trust.


  • Plan systematically and strategically so that Archuleta School District continues to succeed and thrive into the future.


I am confident that with a shared commitment to student success, with all of us, parents, community partners, and staff  working together, we can align our efforts to provide our students incredible opportunities.  Together we can lead our students forward and show them that when a community of individuals find common purpose they can overcome great obstacles to provide students and their schools the resources they require to empower students to achieve personal and academic successes in a safe and appropriate learning environment while providing them with the tools to effectively navigate the 21st century. We look forward to partnering with you to ensure your children have an amazing year.




Rick Holt



Archuleta School District 50JT