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Welcome to Archuleta School District's immunizations page.  
For information and/or questions about your child's immunization status, or general immunization questions, please contact Julie August at [email protected], or 970-264-2256.
A statement from Julie August, District Health Clerk:
"I have been working for the Archuleta School District in the health services since 1999.  I have taken care of our community's school children in the health rooms, coordinated dental and immunization clinics, and my current duties are primarily focused on school immunization compliance.  
"I am currently working part time as health clerk, and monitor the immunization status of all enrolled students in our district.  I am available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to take calls from parents in an effort to bring their children into compliance with the Colorado Immunization Law.  Or, if you leave me a message, I will return your call as soon as I can.
"I do understand that there are times when circumstances don't allow for parents to get their children up-to-date on their shots in a timely manner.  COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!  PLEASE let me know if there are reasons why you can't get to your health care provider to get your child updated on their shots.  I realize that life happens and we can work out a plan.
"Concerning immunization non-medical exemptions, I realize the new State requirements of either a doctor's signature or completion of the online education module for a valid exemption can be a challenge.  Once again, COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!  Please let me know the obstacles that you are facing, and we can figure it out together!  I am available to sit with you at the school to watch the module, in case you have internet issues, and have also composed a document with tips on how to successfully complete the module.
"I am always willing to work with parents to get their children into compliance.  I do not have the authority to exclude students from school for immunization noncompliance, only the administrators can do that.  I am the one to work with before that happens.  I don't want your child to be excluded from school any more than you do!
Let's work together!!
Fifth Grade Immunization Clinic 5/16/24
We will be having an immunization clinic at the Pagosa Springs Middle School on May 16, 2024 to get our 5th graders ready for the 6th grade entry Tdap (tetanaus/diphtheria/pertussis booster) requirement.  Students that have parental consent will be offered the Tdap, along with recommended vaccines HPV (human papillomavirus) and MCV4 (meningococcal).  The vaccines will be administered by nurses from the Archuleta County Public Health.  Only the students that are signed up will get the vaccines.
Information packets will go home with students on Thursday, April 25 and will be due back by Friday, May 3.  Consent forms are also found below, along with the ACPH Privacy Practices.  You will also find the letter about the Tdap requirement from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
For questions, please contact Julie August, [email protected].
In Colorado, parents are allowed to submit a non-medical immunization exemption if they do not want their child(ren) to receive the required immunizations for school. 
There are now two options for submitting a valid exemption in Colorado schools.  The State's reasoning for the added step is that exempting parents and caregivers will now be required to demonstrate "equal effort" compared to parents who immunize according to the recommended schedule.
OPTION ONE:  Complete the online Immunization Education Module by clicking on the black button below.  At the end of the module, there will be a form that you will fill out and submit online.  I also recommend that you print the completed form and get that to me.
OPTION TWO:  Complete the Immunization Certificate of Nonmedical Exemption found below, then take it to your immunizing provider so that they can sign, then bring the completed form to the school front office, or email it to me.
ABOUT THE MODULE:  I have also included some tips below for completing the module.  You do not need to listen to the whole thing, but if you are wanting to, it will take over an hour to complete.  If you advance quickly though, it can be completed in less than 15 minutes.
CIIS and Your Privacy:
What is CIIS (Colorado Immunization Information System)?

Immunization records are confidential, personal medical information. The Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) is a lifelong immunization record tracking system under the Colorado Immunization Registry Act of 2007.


CIIS has signed agreements with all participating sites that are authorized to provide information to or access information from CIIS. CIIS and all people and entities that access immunization records are required to maintain the confidentiality of those records.


Your child's immunization record could be in CIIS if they have received shots in Colorado and that healthcare provider entered that record into CIIS, or if you have given permission for your child's out-of-state record to be entered into CIIS, or if you have submitted a non-medical exemption into CIIS.


If you DO NOT want your child's CIIS record to be accessible to anyone (including doctors), you can choose to opt out of CIIS.  The form and instructions to complete the opt out are on the CDPHE website.  It would be your responsibility to get that completed form to CDPHE so that they can activate the opt out.


Please note:  If you opt out of CIIS and you submit a non-medical exemption online after watching the module, you will need to print or download the completed exemption form and get that to the school because we will not be able to see the exemption on CIIS.