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Student Support Services » Archuleta School District - Performance Framework

Archuleta School District - Performance Framework


The District Performance Framework and the School Performance Framework serve to:

  1. hold districts and schools accountable for performance on the same, single set of indicators and measures; and
  2. inform a differentiated approach to state support based on performance and need, by specifically identifying the lowest performing schools and districts.

These aims are a central part of the Colorado Department of Education’s Statewide System of Accountability and Support and the goals outlined in the Education Accountability Act of 2009 (SB 09-163) . They are critical to enabling the state to better support district evaluation, planning, decision-making, and implementation in improving schools. To support the various state, district and school uses of the performance frameworks, both district and school performance frameworks will be provided to districts annually at the start of the school year.

Key Performance Indicators

The performance frameworks measure attainment on the key performance indicators identified in SB 09-163 as the measures of educational success:

  • academic achievement
  • academic longitudinal growth
  • postsecondary and workforce readiness

State identified measures and metrics for each of these performance indicators are combined to arrive at an overall evaluation of a school’s or a district’s performance. For districts, the overall evaluation leads to their accreditation. For schools, the overall evaluation leads to the type of plan schools will implement. Districts will continue to accredit schools, and they may do so using the state’s performance framework or using their own more exhaustive or stringent framework.