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Colorado Measure of Academic Achievement

Throughout the school year parents and students have questions concerning required state assessments.  In response to the questions, the state has prepared a wonderful fact sheet providing a thorough explanation of Colorado Measures of Student Success (CMAS) (en espanol).  


Allotted time for CMAS testing can be viewed here.


Although the district has provided an explanation of district and state assessments, the state has provided parents a brief overview of each of the state mandated assessments.


Last year was the first year the State of Colorado introduced SAT as the states free college entrance examination.  Replacing ACT, the SAT assessment is better aligned to Colorado State Standards and provides several resources to help Colorado's eleventh grade students prepare for the assessment.  In preparation for the 11th Grade SAT test, the state also eliminated the 9th and10th Grade CMAS testing and replaced it with the 10th Grade PSAT (Prepatory-SAT) assessment.  Part of the College Board assessment suite, here are resources to help students and parents prepare for both assessments:

Finally, the state has prepared a frequently asked questions about state assessments and the purpose and value of state assessments.