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Gifted Education

Elementary Vision


The elementary gifted program is centered on the exploration of ideas and experiences.  Students will be clustered in advisory classes as is appropriate and will have a “pull out” class with the Gifted Coordinator twice a month starting in September. The Gifted Coordinator will use the monthly meetings to explore small group projects and highlight the development of original ideas.  Grade level lead teacher will provide three extended learning opportunities a year for the group.  In addition, the elementary school seeks to provide enrichment opportunities within the regular education classes and to highlight opportunities for differentiation.  

Middle School and High School Vision


The secondary gifted program seeks to develop an understanding of rigor and depth in self-directed academic endeavors.  Participating students will complete one original, long-term project per year.  Student will begin developing their Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) with the Gifted Coordinator the first 30 days of a school year and set an initial goal regarding a project.  A student will choose this project based on his/her own interests and it should address topics that are outside or beyond the curriculum. Periodically there will be group meetings of students (monthly for middle school students, quarterly for high school students).  During the group meetings, students will discuss and troubleshoot their projects with other students. Also, the Gifted Coordinator and students will create a rubric for the development and evaluation of each project. Rubrics will cover such elements as timelines for original research, development of ideas, presentation, oral practice, audio-visual components etc.  Students will be instructed in Bloom's Taxonomy to help develop expectations of academic rigour. The last group meeting of the school year will be used for project presentations.

Students will not receive school credit or a grade on their transcripts for participating. However, completed projects may be included in the middle school resume, college applications, or Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP).  Student may receive credit on extended classroom assignments as teachers see fit.